Vendor Sessions

ETS2021 offers commercial vendors the opportunity to give technical presentations in the Vendor Sessions track, parallel to the regular scientific/technical paper sessions. Typical content includes technical product descriptions, case studies, best practices, and user testimonials of products or solutions. These presentations will be listed in the symposium program along with the other sessions and should be targeted to ETS’ technical audience, who typically favor real technical content over marketing-only presentations.

Vendor Sessions differ from other ETS presentations in that company names, logos, and product names may be mentioned explicitly. Proposals need to be submitted to ETS by January 22, 2021; see the ETS website for submission instructions. Selection is based on technical content and relevance to ETS audience and topics. Vendor Session slots will be assigned on a first-come-first-served order, but priority will be given to Corporate Supporters subscribing a Corporate Support package with higher priority.

Example of virtual sessions (“simu-live”).