Thursday May 27, 2021
04:30pm-06:00pm CET (= Brussels)
11:30pm-01:00am JST    (= Tokyo)
07:30am-09:00am PDT (= San Francisco)

The first Global Test Community Quiz (GTCQ) 2021 is a free ‘must-attend‘ social event for everyone who considers him/herself member of the world-wide electronics test community. It is organized on Thursday May 27, 2021 as on-line social event during the 26th IEEE European Test Symposium (ETS) 2021. Participation to GTCQ-2021 is free and open, not only to all registered attendees of ETS-2021, but to all members of the global test community.

At GTCQ-2021, two interwoven quiz competitions will take place:

  • Individual Competition
    For this competition, everyone can participate. Participation is free, but requires up-front registration. Please register now and secure one of the 400 free event tickets on a first-come-first-served basis.
Free GTCQ tickets now available at EventBrite: (max. 400 participants)
  • Team Competition
    There are three pre-organized teams, each representing one continent: Americas, Asia, or Europe. The GTCQ organizers have appointed three Team Captains:
    • Team Americas: Shawn Blanton (Carnegie Mellon University),
    • Team Europe: Sybille Hellebrand (University of Paderborn, Germany),
    • Team Asia: Shi-Yu Huang (National Tsing-Hua University, Taiwan).

The three Team Captains have been recruiting a diverse set of team members, in order to have a wide palette of test technology knowledge in the team. Each team consists of eight persons which match the following profiles: (1) Team Captain, (2) Éminence Grise, (3) Industry Guru, (4) EDA Wizard, (5) Equipment Engineer, (6) Marketing Monster, (7) Angry Young Researcher, and (8) PhD Student.

About the Quiz

The quiz will be presented by Quiz Master Jeff Rearick (AMD). Quiz questions can be about test technology including test equipment and design-for-test, but might also cover memorable test events, famous test companies, and influential people from our test community.

The quiz is divided into blocks of a handful of questions each. The Quiz Master will present blocks of questions alternatingly to the Individual Competition and to the Team Competition. The questions are prepared by a multi-national team of colleagues, sworn to secrecy. GTCQ-2021 might prove educational, but our main objective is to have fun!

Call for Funny Pictures

If you happen to have funny, non-offensive photos of yourself and/or (y)our testing peers (e.g., taken in a work environment or at one of the many test conferences worldwide), we might be able to use them in the GTCQ! Please send them, along with the story that goes with it, to by May 10.

Technical Software Requirements

GTCQ participants will need to be connected to the internet on a computer, tablet, smartphone, or a combination of such devices for the entire duration of the quiz. GTCQ will use (1) Zoom for communication and (2) QuizStud, a dedicated quiz software website, for the questions and answer scoring.

Known issues: