Virtual Exhibition

ETS2021 will feature a virtual exhibition. For companies subscribing a support package which includes exhibitor rights, ETS will make a virtual booth available. Booth size depends on support grade. ETS2021 will offer two booth sizes: small and large.  Booths feature company logo, video screen, repository with downloadable resources (e.g., company brochures, product flyers, white papers, audio, video, etc.), public and private chat, audio call, video call, and/or screen sharing between booth visitor and booth staff. All booth activities will be reported in an extensive post-conference analytics report per exhibitor.

Virtual exhibition hall example.
Small virtual booth example.

Example of large virtual booth in our Exhibition Hall

  1. Counter with company logo + name + links to company’s social media
  2. Video screen, can for example run a Welcome Video
  3. Banner with public resources, which visitor can browse through and download company brochures, product flyers, white papers, audio, video
  4. Public chat window (moderated by booth staff)
  5. Booth staff: list who is present; booth staff can see who visited booth and contact them (if opt-in)
  6. Visitor can contact booth staff via private text chat, audio call, video call, screen sharing
Large virtual booth example.

Booths will be listed in the symposium program. Booth content should be targeted to ETS’ technical audience. Booth content differs from other ETS presentations in that company names, logos, and product names may be explicitly mentioned. Exhibition booths need to be reserved by January 22, 2021 by sending an e-mail to