Call for Industry Sessions

ETS’ Industry Sessions give the floor to technical experts and their managers working in the semiconductor or electronic systems industry in the broad sense. The format of these sessions is informal, for what concerns the agenda, the presentations, and the timing of the sessions. Presenting a solution for a problem is interesting, but maybe even more interesting is presenting a problem for which a solution is yet unclear. Hence, for these sessions there is no requirement to write a full paper or present slides in which the conclusions are fully justified by data. Presentations are considered as an introduction to a specific topic, followed by discussions for which we will reserve about 50% of the time. Given the informal character of these sessions, the agenda is only a guideline. Topics include all those well-known, and those not yet known, in the broad area of test and may range from DfT to Adaptive Test, from fabless/foundry support models to data mining in the cloud, and from 3D-IC testing to test efficiency improvements.

Key Dates for Submissions

Submission deadline for the Industry Session proposals: January 22nd, 2021


ETS2021 Industry Session Chairs are Wim Dobbelaere (ON Semiconductors, Belgium) and Steve Sunter (Mentor, a Siemens Business, CA). They will put together several sessions and invite speakers. Nevertheless, industry leaders/experts with suggestions for discussion topics for these sessions, perhaps best introduced by themselves via a short presentation, are invited to contact Wim Dobbelaere and Steve Sunter with their proposals.